Our Collection - Our Bread

Wholemeal Bloomer

Multi-Grain Tin

Our famous multigrain dough shaped in a loaf tin.

White Tin

Made using our baguette dough, it is fermented for 8 hours, which gives us a lovely open texture, creamy inner crome.

Wholemeal Tin

Multigrain Baguette

Our famous multigrain dough shaped into a baguette. Also available in a demi baguette.

40g Rolls

Fine dinning rolls available in white sourdough, multigrain, country, olive and walnut.

Focaccia Roll

Made using an overnight poolish, a technique used to create more flavour and an open texture. Once the dough has fermented for 12 hour we then shape it, drizzle it with the finest extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with chunky Cornish rock salt, these rolls are available with or without rosemary.

Olive Bread

Made using a blend of wheat flour, durum wheat and sourdough. Folded with parmesan cheese and juicy Kalamata olives.

White Bloomer

Made using our baguette dough, it is fermented for 8 hours, which gives us a lovely open texture, creamy inner crome.

Petit Pain

A selection of our sourdough favorites, individually portioned. Ideal for sandwich making or grilling.

Demi Brioche Rolls and Buns

Made using our pain de mie dough and our rich brioche dough, these buns have a rich buttery flavour with a light crumb.

Walnut Loaf

This is our country bread laced with walnuts from the Grenoble region of France.

English Muffin

A traditional English Muffin, hand cut and double hearth baked.


Our Brioche has 38% butter content, we only use lescure butter, which we consider to be the finest. It’s great toasted for breakfast, spread thickly with strawberry jam or used with pates and terrine’s.

Fruit Bread

Our fruit bread is a blend of rye flour, wheat sour dough and rye sourdough. It is packed with apricots, walnuts and raisins. This is ideal bread for all types of cheeses.


We make our focaccia using Poolish dough which gives us a beautiful open light texture. Its drizzled with the finest extra Virgin Olive oil, topped with organic Rosemary & chunky sea salt crystals.


Our version of the classic German “Kastenbrot”. We use coffee instead of water to give a deep rich flavour. This bread is wonderful with cheese, charcuterie and jams.

Parisienne Baguette

Our baguettes are made using finest French flour for authenticity they are retarded for 8 hours to give us this wonderful French aroma, they are then baked directly on the soul of a very hot oven giving us a thin crispy crust. Also available in a demi baguette.

Olive Ciabatta

The same aerated dough as our ciabatta, filled with the finest Spanish green olives, a drop of extra virgin olive oil & a pinch of herbs de Provence.


An authentic Italian bread meaning “slipper” due to the shape. We use stone ground wheat flour, wholemeal and dark rye. It has a long fermentation which gives us a lovely open texture. Perfect for soups.


Made using a blend of wholemeal spelt & white spelt Levain. It has a perfect thick, dark open bubbly texture and has a nutty sour aroma. Great with soups, stews and other rustic dishes.

Country Sourdough

This is a mixture of wheat and rye flour. It has a dark golden crust and open bubbly texture. It is proved for 18 hours in wicker baskets due to its high water content. This bread is good with breakfast, rustic dishes and cheeses.

Multigrain Sourdough

This bread is made using a blend of malted flour stone ground wheat flour and sourdough. It contains a mixture of seeds, pumpkin, sunflower, flax, millet, alfalfa, sesame, poppy and our own malted wheat grains.

Rye Sourdough

This bread is made using light rye flour and 10 year old sourdough culture. It originates from France, and has a light and aerated crumb traditionally eaten with shellfish but equally delicious with cheese or charcuterie.

White Sourdough

This is our wheat sourdough bread. We have shaped it in the regional French shape known as “chapeau”
This bread is marvellous toasted for breakfast but equally as good with other dishes.